ANT - An Egyptian IT & Tech company that operates at a World Class standards

ANT Air Networks Towers is a world-class telecommunications company, specializes in the field of installation and construction for broadband and telecommunication networks, offering a comprehensive suite of services and solutions for Network Rollout service (New Mobile Base Station) and special projects. To help our customers in achieving excellent cellular coverage, customers’ satisfaction and taking a big share of the telecom market.

Our full scope for the network rollout phases and services includes site acquisition, site construction. In different locations such as the urban cities, Business, Technology and Industrial Parks also the housing buildings or countryside and the roadways. And according to location our team can assign the type of required site to be one of those (Greenfield or Rooftop or Indoor). And we already have good references in the network rollout service with the largest mobile network operators in Egypt Vodafone, Orange and Etisalate.

ANT also provides the Quick Site (COW) or Cells On Wheels rental service, its use is strategic for the rapid expansion of cellular networks putting into service point-to-point radio connections, as well as supporting sudden increases of mobile traffic in case of extraordinary events (fairs, sports events and concerts, etc.). In addition to the Special Projects service which needs upgrading from time to time to be updated and up to the latest technology. On the other hand the maintenance service in an efficient and professional manner to ensure the quality of the network, sites and keep people and businesses connected and in touch.

ANT provides a team to manage all aspects of the site development process, starting from initial site assessments till the final acceptance. It is worth to be mentioned that as a strength point in our C.V the full-service professional engineering and management teams have built up and operated thousands of network sites over the years in a safe and environmentally compliant manner, to protect the human life and the environment. These teams also highly responsive to timetable management and at all times do their work to achieve a responsive, complete and reliable solution to support the coverage needs of the mobile network operator.