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Network Rollout Service


ANT provides complete Installation and implementation of the Macrocell & Microcell sites.

The Macrocell Sites includes:

Greenfield sites

A Greenfield site is a new land based site.

Rooftop sites

A Roof Top site is a tower built on top of an existing building or structure.

Indoor Solutions (Microcell) sites

Our very own super technical team in ANT always works together to find solutions to your specific challenges.
The Microcell network sites are used in a densely populated urban area such as a mall, a hotel, or a transportation hub.

Special Projects


ANT provides a full service to modify and renew the single radio access network and upgrade the equipment for specific existing network tower sites, to  benefit the end user in achieving higher performance and higher capacity networks according to the mobile operator needs. Without impacting the operational running and integrity of the communication network during the works.

3G Expansion

Increasing connections and replacing old ones

Site Dismantling

Unfixing cabinets, MW links and cables

We also undertake special projects to upgrade 3G users to 4G.



ANT’s support team always ready to provide the entrusted service with the overall responsibility for keeping the service
and the system working in a satisfactory manner around the clock (24/7)

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