2020 A year of opportunities and a dream come true!

A year of opportunities and a dream come true 2020 !

Dr. Sameh Eissa - CEO
October 2020

On behalf of the board of directors, I am pleased to present the 3rd quarter financial results as well as announcing our corporate strategy for the coming 3 years.


In 2015, ANT started outside Egypt then an ambitious decision was made to explore and invest in Egyptian market. At that time we started in telecommunications field, building our legacy during a critical transformational period in Egypt.


As we launched in Egypt, Our GSM business unit had developed throughout the years boosted by the booming in telecommunications and networking solutions. At a certain stage we believed that the Egyptian market has a huge untapped potential which encouraged us to diversify our investment in other areas like IT & Technology and Firefighting solutions and the same build local talents who were the key reason for our today’s presence and leadership.


2020 Financial Highlights:


ANT cumulatively achieved more than LE. 50 million of revenues during the past 3 years and invested more than 20 million in CAPEx focusing on the new and promising Suez Canal economic zone to capture the new coming opportunities that comes with Egypt’s 2030 vision.


Our business had expanded from IT, to Technology to other new promising sector like firefighting and logistic services and much more in our newly established trade unit.


As we continue to believing in potential of the Egyptian market and the untapped opportunities supported by the Egyptian government actions, we are planning to invest more than LE 100 Million in 2020-2021.


Our continued business with MOD is meant to remain & even expand further, In 2020, our focus is to support reputable real estate developers & service providers with our top notch solutions in Fiber To The Home solutions to ensure a high quality of living for the Egyptians. The trust we had is directly linked to our distinguished well trained team of professionals & matter experts who were able to provide high quality services and distinctive ability to handle request onetime and even before the agreed deadlines.


In ANT, we are committed to ensure the highest levels of customers’ satisfaction, and at the same time we thrive to have a desirable work environment to all of our employees which makes ANT a best place to work.


Finally, I would like to transfer our board of directors appreciation to the management team in all Business units.